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Renewable Strategy is passionate about helping wind farms reach their potential– from project stage throughout the asset lifetime

Insights for the power and renewables industry

Running a wind farm is a complex operation. Everything must be planned to make sure that strict Health, Safety and Environmental demands and considerations are prioritised. However, the economic factors are the driving force, with pressure from stakeholders to minimise costs on the one hand and maximising revenue on the other. Bearing that in mind, O&M activity accounts for approximately 25% of the total lifetime costs for an offshore wind farm. All these factors make running a wind farm difficult with many different voices calling for different priorities.


With decades of experience from the wind industry, Renewable Strategy offers valuable insight, expertise, and knowledge in every part of your wind farm operation. Key staff of Renewable Strategy are all associated with successful offshore wind projects which have been built and commissioned.


Key Capabilities

Based on our extensive experience, these are some of the areas we can help with:

   Commercial management

   Operations management

   Project management

   Technical contract negotiations

   Contracting strategy consulting

   Risk management

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