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Drive Safety, Performance and Productivity with the RSL Manager

Marine coordination, work execution and asset management software solutions

Safety and Performance Excellence

Managing construction and O&M on offshore wind farms and portfolios is a safety critical, challenging and complicated process. Planning and scheduling work on wind farms often involves several excel spreadsheets and emails spread across the organisation, and fragmented IT systems.

There are more interests and factors to take into account than ever before. Factors like safety process, risk mitigation, compliance standards, stakeholder management, optimised asset performance, reducing project and operational expenses.


RSL Manager Insights

The Solution - One Powerful Platform







Working in collaboration with our clients the RSL Manager web-based solution ensures increased efficiency during construction and the O&M phase.  Our clients increase portfolios without proportionally increasing costs.


The RSL Manager connects teams working within each module, keeping everyone on the same page at each step. HSE requirements are embedded across the windfarm IT ecosystem, including for external contractors. 

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Marine Coordination

In house “man and machine” solutions are available for Marine Coordination and Compliance. Minimising client risks while building a culture of safety. Our very own in-house maritime officers are fully trained and responsible to coordinate and close the gaps that arise offshore

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The RSL Marine Co-ordination module has been developed for offshore wind farms and provides a quick and robust way for marine control centres to manage and control daily activities on the wind farms. Vessels anchored within your cable zones can be tracked, ensuring they remain within the licensed farm limits with the RSL Manager automatically reporting this to you as it happens. Marine co-ordinators have at hand all information in the case of emergencies.

Features include:

Tracking vessels and personnel

Validate offshore certification and competencies for personnel

Validate transportation certification

Asset status and restrictions

Alerts for marine coordinators

Geo-fencing and guard zones protecting your assets and license


Logistics Management

Effective administration module that helps marine coordinators and site managers manage wind farms safely, on-time and improve the overall efficiency.

  Streamlined planning of transport activities and
   transfer of personnel, adhering to strict safety

  Reduce administrative tasks, optimise logistics and
    improve project and operational performance.​

•  Automatic certificate verification of personnel and
    vessels prior to transfer plan issue (WINDA interface)

•  SIMOPS with traffic-light visualisation

•  Assign tasks and activities to personnel

•  Reissue and reuse plans from within the system,
    auditable and versioned

•  Transfer plan and Manifest automatically emailed to

•  Point for all Emergency Contacts and Facilities

Logistics Management

Personnel and Site Resources

Ensure all personnel are properly inducted to the health and safety regulations of each particular wind farm and hold the valid certificates of competencies.

A key challenge and concern is the number of differing contractors and subcontractors that are involved during projects, as well as over the lifetime of the wind farm. In the RSL manager our Clients then set up multiple organisations within the system and share system across the stakeholders. The users of permitted external organisations, can then access the software, enabling them to see what you have given them access to and do only what you have given them permission to do. Driving up data quality, accessibility, and speed to value.


The RSL Manager allows control of multiple sites from within one single system, through a single sign-on. The personnel database extends across all modules used, promoting single handling of data. Benefits include growing windfarm portfolios whilst maximising on capability and experience of key existing personnel. For example, staff training is reduced with a common system, technicians can work on multiple wind farms and data entered in the same system. Resources all shared within system. Safety of personnel is paramount especially offshore, and the personnel module allows you to securely record legal personal data, certificates, competencies, and GDPR compliance of all users.

The RSL Manager is an effective self-service and registration tool, for use for all wind farm personnel. It reduces the administration overheads and provides a high-level dashboard overview which ensures safety.

Personnel and Site Resources

Planning and Scheduling

Prepare, execute, and track common construction, campaigns and maintenance planned activities and the scheduling strategy, across the user group.


The activity planner module provides an overview of the planned activities across the portfolio.  The activity scheduler allows relevant personnel to see planned work activities, spot activity clashes and conduct sampling of activities across all sites.


Planned work can be viewed by the specific asset, or by asset group, such as statutory Inspection, of simple asset, farm, or portfolio. Plan the year ahead with confidence and make it accessible to relevant users. With integration of weather factor, the interruptions of unscheduled servicing do not hinder the easy day planning when you get there. Straight away see the impact of one week’s delay, for example in June on the campaign end in November, with impact having the potential to be several weeks in strong wind seasons, and with the added product loss occurring .


Dashboards and Reports

Reliable data is informed asset owner’s most precious resource. Our dashboards allow users to track, analyse and compare key performance indicators to remotely manage, plan and audit true performance. Our software replaces spreadsheets and manual handling of data, making for a safer and better performing site.


All data harnessed in the RSL Manager can be reported
which provide valuable insights into operational processes.  

The RSL Manager provides a number of pre-built and pre-defined dashboards and reports. In addition, dashboards and reports are customisable. The RSL Manager holds data tracking of all work done, by which vessel, where and by whom. This data can be used to generate reports for stakeholders on a daily, weekly and monthly basis as required.


Asset Register

From Construction through O&M track the components installed in a seamless way.  Understand which model and type of components fail, the time and work done to restore them and harness the data to make better maintenance decisions.

A significant amount of energy in wind farms is lost due to component failures. Questions rise, such as: “Which components fail the most? Are these components under warranty? Can we take proactive action to replace components that have failed on several turbines?” The asset register helps answer these questions.

The asset register over time reveals the consistently failing parts on the specific asset, and across the portfolio. In addition, warranty expiry is tracked, allowing for commercial optimisation. The Asset Register is based on RDS-PP categorisation, which provides a hierarchy customisable to match your chosen strand.

You can find what components are replaced, and their respective sub-components. By tracking this in the RSL Manager, your company can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of certain wind farm systems.

Whilst benefit during project phase of an asset register, it is a key deliverable. Poor component registers prevent subsequent analysis, commercial optimisation, and asset learnings . It is critical for operations to have this data from day one of go-live of any turbine. Not harnessing powerful data can result in less profitable growth, less effective teams and most significantly increased hazardous situations and safety incidents.

To avoid duplication of data being entered into your IT eco system, the RSL Manager can also integrate with any existing asset warehousing systems such as SAP, IBM Maximo etc.

Asset Register.jpg
Asset Register

Permits, RAMS and Safety

A fast and efficient user-driven process for the submission, review, approval, and issue of Access and Work Permits and Work Authorisations. Make sure any high voltage work undertaken is appropriately certificated, controlled and priorly approved with access and safety critical keys managed.


The RSL Manager can manage work permits and health and safety practices, which are adapted and configured to your preferred chains of approval and company procedures. The Permits module is fully auditable and provides records as well as access to the appropriate Risk Assessment and Methods Statements (RAMS).

​The Permits module ensures all contractors, sub-contractors, and employees arrive safely at their site of work. A full audit trail, and permit history per asset and staff is included to provide the user with a detailed history of who has done what, at which time. Why not let your sub-contractors do the permit application with all supporting RAMS and documentation for you? You can then review, approve, or decline at your convenience with comments and tracked history. 

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