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Accelerating you on your path to become a certified GWO Trainer

Fostering talent globally to
serve its locality

Working in the wind industry today requires complex planning, compliance, and risk management. Decision makers in this industry carry a large burden of responsibility concerning promoting safety and cultivating competency and expertise.

Building and sustaining a safety culture requires personnel who can, not only understand, but safely implement critical operational procedures.

Renewable Strategy has successfully facilitated training providers worldwide in gaining GWO Technical Safety certification through providing high quality training materials, senior train-the-trainer workshops, providing training materials and by supporting training providers through the GWO certification process. Some of these training providers became the 1st certified GWO technical safety providers on their respective continents and regions. Fostering local talent globally helps to build a self-sufficient and sustainable wind industry in the locality.

GWO courses, take the technicians from a wide experience base to a higher level of skills and personal development ownership.

The GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT) standard consists of three modules (electrical, mechanical and hydraulics) and an additional installation module. All new technicians working for GWO member companies and their suppliers are expected to complete the BTT standard. 

The aim of the GWO Blade Repair training module is to enable the delegate to support and care for themselves and others working in the wind industry by possessing  all the necessary information required to perform and document a wind turbine blade inspection and execute repair work.

Our mobile training solution and multi-site certification allows us to deliver the GWO BTT and Blade training at the client site. This eliminates technician travel, accommodation, subsistence, and overtime costs related to off-site training.  In other words, our solution significantly reduces overall training costs, and the amount of time and effort required by the client.


We are very happy with Renewable Strategy and their deep expertise in providing train-the-trainer services, training materials, equipment and supporting us in becoming the first certified GWO Blade Repair training provider in Norway. The support especially during the restrictions of Covid-19 was excellent.’

– Magnus Østebrød

Technical Manager & Course Instructor, Energy Innovation

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